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How to calculate Daily Water Consumption at Poultry Farm.

It is very important to analyse daily water intake, because if water consumption decreases, you immediately understand there may be a critical issue and you can resolve it immediately.

The common mistakes poultry farms make judgement of water consumption from feed consumption. Its common misunderstanding  they just judge water intake from Feed Consumption. They consider Water intake to be double than feed intake. But it’s wrong. Water intake may vary as per environment temperature, humidity and feed other factors.

So you must calculate water consumption daily, because you can make prior judgement of any disease or problem immediately by judgement of water consumption. You can sort out the issue immediately.

To know exact water consumption, first you have to calculate water tank capacity and level on a daily basis.

For Rectangle and Square shape water tank-

Calculate the Length and width of the water tank from inside.



And put a stick or a road in the water to know the height of water.

Note (Measure) the level /Height of water in tank with help of Inch Tape.

First we will cover in meters then in Feet.

Just multiply length, width and height of tank from inside.


Example it is 5 meter long, 5 meter wide and height is 5 meter. Just multiply all.

And again multiply with 1000. The result will be final in Litters. Example- 5 X 5 X 5= 125 X 1000 = Capacity of water tank  5 meter long ,5 meter wide and height 5 meter will be 125000 litre.

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But if you are calculating length, width and water height all in Feet.

Multiply length, width and water height in feet and again multiply with 28.31. The result will be in litres.

Now the point is how much water consumption at your Poultry farm.

For this you have to decide a Particular Same time every day for correct water consumption.

First Fill the water tank completely and measure the water in ltr

On the next day at the same time there will be less water in the tank after the birds drank some water, then measure again after the bird’s water consumption.

Example- Once you measure the water level ,it was 1000 ltr and on the next day at the same time you measured it comes 700 ltr meaning 1000-7000=300 birds consumed 300 ltr of water.

Again fill the tank and check the water level again on the next day at the same time.

This is a simple method and you can measure your water tank capacity.

And you can do good water management at your poultry farm.


1- A water tank must not be linked only with the bird’s water supply, not with other use.

2-Timing must be the same every day, while measuring water level.

3-Measurement should be done from inside.

Thank you.

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