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Tips and Precaution before Purchasing Chicks.

Good quality chicks are basic foundation of poultry business. But There are many poultry farmers, who purchased chicks for their poultry farm without taking any precautions and got destroyed because of huge loss. As per my experience, I recommend you please note the following points.

1-Try to Purchase chicks directly from Hatchery. If it is Not Possible then Confirm from the supplier, which hatchery is going to supply it?


Reason behind it, if chicks arrive after travelling a long distance, it puts huge stress on birds.

Remember Higher the stress lower the profit. So always give preference to the nearest chick’s suppliers.

2-If receiving Chicks in Environment temperature over than 95 degree Fahrenheit then always insist on a hatchery manager. Owner or supplier to put watermelon or muskmelon pieces in chick supply boards to ensure proper energy and indirect water availability to birds to avoid stress, indirectly it will be good for you in terms of better production.

Some jell type energy boosters are also available for chick supply. You can also request from chick suppliers or Hatchery owners.

3-Chicks Price may vary breed to breed. So keep in touch of Chicks Company officials, so that they can guide you regarding whether chicks belong to their company breed or not.

4-Size of Chicks-

Week Chicks

Size of chicks also matter, if you are receiving small chick size, it may be bad for you, because usually underweight chicks are not a sign of Good profits.

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5-If Chicks Purchased by you are not too active or dull are not a good sign of Best Quality or lack of management in supply.

6-Randomly count Chicks.

Chicks Box.
Chicks Box.

Example you have received 100 boxes of Chicks & each box carries 60 Chicks, Don’t Count every box Just count random 10 Box .Because spending more time on Chicks counting can increase the stress.

7-Never Forget to Take weight of Random chicks for maximum returns, chick should be of uniform size and weigh between 45-55 grams.

8-If chick quality is lower than desired, immediate feedback should be provided to the hatchery on the precise nature of the problem.

9-Try not to purchase costly chicks, Always analyse feed cost ,upcoming market scenarios like New year,Christmas/ Festival. It can increase or decrease your profit.

Characteristics of a good quality chick: •

Crooked legs, twisted necks and cross beaks are bad signs. So such types of chicks must be available in chicks’s supply.

Note the below quality ,while receiving chick.

Chicks should be well dried.

Eyes should be Bright.

Chicks should be active and alert.

Navel should be completely healed.

Legs of chicks should be bright and waxy to the touch.

Birds should stand firmly and walk well.

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