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Light Management in Broiler Poultry For Better Profit.

A well Lighting programs in poultry prevent Ascites, sudden death, leg problems and excess mortality & Improve Immune System.

Research indicates that lighting programs which include around 4 hours of continuous darkness in some life cycle of Poultry’s Birds. It will improve the development of the immune system. But note it must not happen in the complete life of a Bird. We will cover the lightning schedule in this session.

The darkness should be provided at night only, not in evening to ensure the dark periods are truly dark.

First day of chicks placement – To ensure adequate feed and water intake 24 hour Light is recommended  but while opening the chick’s box take few minutes to switch on all Light slowly slowly.

Example- if you have 10 bulbs/ tube light while placement of day old chicks. While placing chicks switch on only 5 bulbs/Tube lights  rendomely and after few minutes switch on all bulbs/Tube lights. Motive is not to provide immediate light intensity to baby chicks.

Second Day -Turn Off the lights on the second night For 1 hour after dark at outside.

Third Day-Turn off Lights For 2 Hours after dark after dark at outside.

. Birds soon get used to when the off time is approaching.

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Fourth day. Turn off Lights for 3 Hours after dark at outside.

Fifth day. Turn off Lights for 4 Hours after dark at outside.

Now stop increasing the Light timing.

But you can increase the light off time up to 6 hours only. But I prefer 4 hours are fine enough.

Birds get habitual easily by this schedule & get feed & drink before the lights go off.

Ensure Feed and Water must be available in sufficient quantity with sufficient equipment. So that birds don’t get panic.

A period of darkness is a natural requirement for all animals.

Energy is conserved during resting, leading to an improvement in feed conversion.

The light/dark period increases melatonin (A Natural Hormone which produces in Body) production, which is important in immune system development & Less disease. and Birds uniformity is also improved.

When you sell the birds at that time decrease the light intensity to extreme minimum level. By this , when you catch the birds they don’t get too much panic, because in less light birds don’t respond resulting less stress. During Liquidation ( selling/catching  of Birds), when you dim the light intensity, birds don’t panic & feel less stress.

Additionally it also decreases the consumption of electricity.

Please note- This Method is applicable for Broiler Birds.

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