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Poultry Business Profit.

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broilers and Layers.

2-Commercial Broiler Farming For Chicken.

3-Commercial Layer Farming For Egg in Cages.

4-Layer Farming in Free Range/Deep Litter.

5-Backyard Poultry.

6- Other birds Like Turkey, Emu etc.

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grand parent birds’ farming.

The Main question arises here. How Much Earning in different types of poultry business In India?

This is not a type of question, which can’t be answered in a few words.

The basic thumb rules are.

  • Less competition more profit
  • Demand and supply

(Remember Poultry farming  may be risky and full of giant players doing this business.)

Popular Poultry Farming is of following types.

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broilers and Layer- There are less than 1 % of poultry farmers doing this business. As a parent’s bird farming requires high investment and running this type of business with investment of million to billions.

You can’t expect to do this business with less capital .Minimum capital required is multi million.

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Profit-As It has been noticed in this segment the chances of profit are more. But it may vary. If someone has the capacity of 50000 birds and it may have around 25000 chicks production in a day. Profit may vary as per demand. Sometime touch, profit of Rs 20 Plus per chicks and some time it can give loss of Rs 5 Per/chicks.

But if you take average its profit chances are more.

2-Profit in Commercial Broiler Farming for Chicken-Two possibilities are here one in Self Broiler Farming either on small scale semi-automatic and either on large scale in automatic or Semiautomatic. Second in Contract farming of Broilers.

Profit-In Contract farming you will be paid 6-8 rupees per Kg. Example if you do contract farming of 10,000 birds and bird weight average 2.5 kg then total weight around or less than 25000 Kg multiplied by 6- Mean Around or less than profit will be Around Rs 150,000 and 5 cycles in a year, you can expect from contract farming. Yearly Output around 7,50,000. But it requires your own farm and your own electricity ( You will have to pay electricity bill and brooding cost will also suffer by you, after bird’s lifting litter (Finally the converted manure) is yours and you can sell it can easily cover your brooding cost in summer.

Always In profit either less or more because some parameters are there depending on your management and others. (Farm’s capacity may vary and it is compulsory farm must be yours or belong to you.


Every company has its different rules and policies. So never be in a hurry to sign the agreement.


Profit in Self Broiler Farming-Chicks Price keep changing day by day may vary from Rs. 7 to Rs- 60 as per demand. Feed Price are getting high around Rs.28-Rs. 30


3.5 Kg Feed is required for around 2 kg of bird. If everything is fine. Mean if your birds are safe from any viral, bacterial and other natural disaster. Additional costing of brooding, electricity, vaccination and management etc. So the cost of broiler chicken birds is different for every different batch and when you sell the birds, the market is also different in every batch. Which may vary from Rs. 45 to 120 per kg .No prediction of selling price. It keeps changing in different areas and you can’t hold the bird for a long time to wait for an increase in Price of chicken.

( It is very risky because small scale Poultry Farmers depend on others for feed ,chicks and for more. Which increases the cost for small scale farming.

3-Profit in Commercial Layer Farming For Egg in Cages-This type of Poultry farming main target is to get eggs, but when birds are out of production they are sold in market for chicken, but less popular for chicken purpose. I found this business less risky and a regular source of income. But initial cost to start this Layer farming is around Rs. 50 lac for 10,000 birds (land cost extra). For additional 10,000 birds of Layer farming around Rs. 30 lac is required. It may change depending upon automation.

Profit-It also varies as per demand of eggs in market and your egg holding capacity in cold stores either your own or rented. Sometimes eggs are sold under Rs 3 and sometimes more than Rs. 4.The major chance of loss is, when any big attack of viral or bacterial diseases.

But average Layer Poultry Farming business is considered profitable most of the time

4-Layer Farming in Free Range/Deep Litter- Kroiler birds, Commercial Layer, Kadaknath and more are easy to get. Nowadays, kadaknath is becoming popular but in a limited way. And you are not aware about Kadaknath chicken and egg quality, which is better than other stuff. This type of poultry farming can be done for Both Chicken and Egg purposes. Its chicken is also popular and remains in demand. The brown eggs of some breeds are sold at premium rates.

Profit-Almost Profitable, if never compromise with vaccination and management.

5-Backyard Poultry – Van Raja, Kadaknath, Gram Priya, Kroiler and can be done in this type of poultry business. This can be started with 10 birds and can be increased as per resources available.

The aseel is also reared in backyard poultry. But original chicks are not available easily. The transportation and getting chicks is sometimes not easy, and if you get it may be possible, you will not get the required quantity. There are many other backyard poultry’s breed are also available.

This type of poultry farming also can be done for Both Chicken and Egg purposes.

6-Turkey & Emu-This type of poultry farming is not too popular.

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grandparent birds’s farming, Grand Parent/Grand Grand parent birds’ farming and more are less popular and require a huge setup and huge experience of research and investment and are considered profitable because of less competition.

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