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Tips To How Keep Diseases Away From Poultry Farm For Better Profit.

Wild birds- Make sure that water for drinking and fogging is not contaminated by free-flying birds.

Chlorination or ultraviolet treatment is recommended with water filtration. Make sure that all water tanks are covered adequately and that feed is not contaminated by wild birds , animals even by mosquito.

Some time it has been observed , some wild bird can survive with same virus or disease but commercial birds can’t because of less immune system of commercial broiler or layer ( Because of high production  )


Day-old chicks.

Always  maintain proper  temperature before receiving chicks  in your poultry farm.Try to add electrolyte  & light dose of Multivitamins in drinking water.

Disease can be transmitted from the infected Hen to the day-old chicken via the fertile egg. Examples are chronic respiratory disease, caused by Mycoplasma gallisepticum. So consult your doctor  to treat the bird in in initial stage for better output in future.

Equipment-  Do not share equipment between one farm  to another farm and do not use second-hand egg fillers.


Mosquitoes can transmit fowl pox, and flies can spread some species of tapeworm, Newcastle disease and salmonella. Reduce the number of flies & mosquito in your poultry shed.

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How to stop diseases spreading- Ensure all birds are correctly vaccinated and medicated properly without any fault. Have one age of bird per farm. all-in all-out •Minimum 15 days gap between one batch to another batch after cleaning very carefully each area including pipes and Water tank.

Dead birds should be quickly burnt, deeply buried or effectively composted and should never be fed to cats or dogs.

Inspection In Dark-Deeply inspect your farm minimum twice a weak very carefully.Inspect poultry’s Birds  in dark after powering off all lights and sit between birds to hear noise of bird from different part. Listen the voice of birds. If there is any sneezing voice from many birds or the coughing noise , immediately visit consultant, so that any problems can be identified early and rectified quickly.

Sacks– Never ever use used sacks. It is easiest source of viral & bacterial disease.

Birds– Do not rear other birds such as emus ,Backyard birds with commercial poultry Birds. Make sure  you, your employees , concern person in your staff and visitors to your sheds must not have any contact with any type of birds ( Even Pigeons or Duck). Reason  is Immune system of Commercial Birds is very week because of high Rate of Production.

People-Do not allow any one in your poultry farm unless, you have some essential task to be done.If you are allowing someone, strictly not allow their shoes and give entry after washing their hand with disinfectants and changing their clothes replacing old one..The poultry farm should be surrounded by a security fence and have a single gateway With Mark of Warning sign.“ Bio secured Area “.Do not allow  feed delivery personnel, or sales in to shed and, Keep a separate set of boots for wearing in each shed and store them in a receptacle outside the door.


Awla dry powder ( Phyllantus emblica ) 1 kg/Ton of Feed can be used and Dry Haldi Powder ( (Curcuma longa) ) 500 gram/ton of  Feed.

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