Bio Security In Poultry
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Poultry Bio security and Farm Sanitation.

Please Note below various key points for a successful bio-security program  Bio security.

Limit non-essential visitors to the Poultry Farm.

Avoid contact with backyard poultry at your commercial broiler farming.Because backyard poultry’s Birds  have more immunity & Less stress of growth than Commercial broiler Poultry Farming.

Never Rear backyard poultry’s Birds at your Commercial Broiler Poultry Farm/no other poultry should be kept on the same farm as your poultry unit

If equipment comes from another Poultry farm, it should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before it comes onto your Poultry farm.

Provide wheel dips or wheel spraying facilities at the farm entrance and allow only necessary vehicles on site.

Farms should be fenced throughout the whole farm.Keep doors and gates locked at all times.

Farm animals other than poultry should be fenced separately and have a different entrance from the poultry farm.

Farms should have toilets for Labor  and hand washing facilities separate from the poultry house.

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A dedicated changing facility for protective clothing and footwear should be sited at the farm entrance.

Provide hand-sanitizing facilities at the entrance to each house. Provide well-maintained foot baths at the entrance to each poultry house.

Farm Sanitation-

Good hygiene standards always decrease disease load.

Below points are the basic steps for effective farm sanitation.

Remove all unused feed from the feed system.

Clean out all the litter from each house .

Clean all the dust and dirt from the building.

Dry clean any equipment that can not be washed directly and cover it completely to protect it from the washing process.

Clean Your Poultry Farm After replacing the birds & Never Ignore Water Supply.

( Each & Every Thing already mentioned in Water Management )

Spray should be done from each & every side & also to be sprayed towards the roof side so that any pathogen load must be cleaned.

The curtain also must be cleaned from both sides without any ignorance & properly with disinfectant as per recommended dose by the manufacturer.


Circulate the sanitizing solution in your drinking system including all pipe lines.Open all taps till all solutions come to every line including drinkers.

Let the all drinking system in touch with disinfectant’s water   for a minimum of 4-12 hours( as best as possible) before completely flushing the system with clean water.

Remember,Never allow any disinfectant parts to remain in any supply. Flush it and be sure about no part must be available in any water supply.


Each & Every Equipment should be cleaned first with a detergent and then thoroughly disinfected.

Fiber/Iron chick guard & minor parts must not be ignored.

The Box in which you received chicks must not be reused and must be sold out or destroyed.

External areas such as gutters, fan boxes, roofs, pathways and concrete areas should be cleaned with disinfectant.

Remove washed out litter or organic matter from the farm compound.

Unused and unneeded equipment should be removed from the farm.

Drying down after washing is advantageous.

Staff areas, canteens, changing areas and offices must not be ignored .

Apply an effective broad-spectrum disinfectant & Keep changing disinfectant.This never ever allows Pathogen to get familiar or immune pathogen with next generation. Try to use pressure washer jet nozzle.

Don’t wait for time after marketing birds for cleaning ,Washing & Disinfection.

Start the cleaning process immediately as early as possible without any delay.It will increase the effectiveness of the hygiene program ,resulting in the performance of Birds because of less disease.

Your or your manager’s personal inspection is highly suggested.

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