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Tips and Precaution while using Feeder and Drinkers at your Poultry Farm.

Proper management of feeders and drinkers can increase the efficiency of poultry’s birds .Providing clean water and Feed with adequate flow rate is better for poultry production. Without adequate & proper water intake, feed consumption will decline and bird performance will not be achieved as per genetic potential.

There are Two Types of Systems for Drinking Water-

1- Open Watering System.

2-Closed Watering System


There is a cost advantage of installing an open drinker system but there are some drawbacks also. Issues associated with litter quality, contamination of water &  hygiene issues arise commonly in open drinking system.

So Poultry Farmers have to clean the equipment on daily basis.

Open drinking system consumes more time wastage and may need extra labor work and  wastes of water.

Some time, if water spreads in Poultry sheds while washing drinkers, it also causes wet litter.

 Bell Drinker –

Bell Drinkers
Bell Drinkers

All bell drinkers should have stability to reduce spillage.

Always Cross check the water level, because many times water gets overflowed and can cause wet litter because of settings.

Low levels of water can cause difficulty to birds in drinking water.

DRINKER SYSTEMS Bell and cup drinkers must ensure that the level of the lip of the drinker is equal to the height of the birds.When birds stand normally. Height should be adjusted as the birds grow in order to minimize contamination.

If Height of drinkers is down, then birds as per its nature spoil the water and litter parts get mixed in drinkers while running and playing with birds.

But always notice, birds must get water easily. It also improves the performance of birds.

Chicks Drinkers
Chicks Drinkers


Almost every Poultry farmer uses this in early stages, it’s very easy to use and convenient.

Tubs can be used as Drinkers.

Tub For Poultry
Tub For Poultry

Always remember different sizes of tubs to be used for different ages.

Mostly many farmers use or change 2 times these Tubs, First in around 14th days or near and then they use big size tbs till selling of birds.( Who use Traditional Drinkers)

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Precaution For traditional Drinkers.  – Birds must not get difficulty in drinking water. If you feel birds feeling difficulty then fill water immediately. These Tube must be cleaned every day, But remember at the same time you must not wash all the tubs at the same time to ensure availability of Water to birds.

Also note Timing of washing must not be High temperature time.

Because in High temperature birds can’t afford lack of drinkers can put stress on birds even for a few minutes.


If water level becomes low, birds can sit on one side of Tub & because Small water level tubs can turn off and all water will spread in Poultry Farm , can cause wet litter resulting in poor performance or may invite Respiratory issues because of unwanted gases extra production because of wet litter.

. So refill the tubs when water level becomes low.

Nipple System-

Nipple System
Nipple Drinkers.


Generally 10-12 birds per nipple with high flow rate systems are recommended. Low flow rate nipple drinkers operate at a flow rate of 50-60 ml/min (1.7 to 2 fl. oz/ min). They typically do not have cups, and pressure is adjusted to maintain water flow to meet the broiler’s requirements. Generally 10 birds per nipple with low flow rate systems are recommended.


After brooding generally Around 3 Feeders and Drinkers are required for 1000 birds.

Recommendations-:  Monitoring water consumption through the use of water meters is an excellent means of gauging feed consumption, as the two are highly correlated & recommended.

Benefit of this analysis , you can make judgement, how much the ratio of feed consumption compared to water consumption is going on in different temperatures & different seasons.

Benefits-You will get data of different seasons and will help you to analyse for the future as per your climate.

By this record you will know in future, you will analyse, in which climatic condition, you birds feed & consumption was better & what now is going on. By this comparison you will get more knowledge & it will improve your skill.

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