Heart attack in poultry
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Heart Attack Reason and Solution in Broiler

Heart attack also called “Sudden Death Syndrome”  “Acute death syndrome”, “Flip-over disease” or acute heart failure”

This disease/problem is common in commercial “broilers” because of high rate of Growth and extra metabolic rate.

Symptoms of Sudden Death Syndrome. – This problem has no symptoms previous to death.

Reason of Heart Attack in Broiler. 

Now a days high-calorie feed is provided to commercial broilers. As a result, metabolic rate of Broiler birds becomes high and an electrolyte imbalance can lead to the problem and sudden death. In Hot areas in summer, where the temperature is too high and the bird has to breathe at a high rate if temperature is not controlled. It also increases the metabolic rate. High stress on birds can lead to the acute attack. And when the bird’s body is not able to control and bird get died without showing any symptoms.

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Home treatment and/or prevention –

Prevention:  Be sure good temperature must be maintained. Extra temperatures over 70 Fahrenheit can cause more mortality. Never create a situation where birds have to be in a panic situation like an immediate Horn of Car or other vehicle, disturbing bird in hot time.

Always use electrolyte in summer if your poultry farm is in hot area. Electrolyte with vitamin better to combat stress.

Vitamin E also acts as antioxidant and, I personally found, if we provide vitamin E , rate of mortality decrease. Dose of vitamin E and electrolyte may vary as per manufacturer.

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