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What is More Profitable Farming Broilers or Layers (Egg Laying Birds) ?

First of all you must know, both type of poultry farming risky. Broiler poultry farming is more risky business than layer farming. It also depend on mortality because of any viral or bacterial disease.

From last 20 years, I found on an average Layer poultry farming is profitable for 99% people. But in Broiler poultry farming small scale poultry farmers are not in good profit.

Profit may be different for person to person. Layer farming may be Profitable for someone and not beneficial for other. It also depend on following factors.

1- Investment capacity.

2- Land Availability & Location.

3-Manpower Availability.

4-Disease outbreak and management.

Investment capacity –Broilers Farming require less capital and very easy to start. In one Year you can rear around 5 cycles. If your Poultry farm’s capacity is 10000 birds. You can rear around or more than 50,000 birds in a year.

But in Layer bird’s one cycle is more than 1.5 years.

In Layer you have to wait for 5 Months to get egg in peak production. So Huge Investment required for Layer Farming.

In short if you have more capital to invest you have both option.

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If you have less capacity of capital it’s better to go with Broiler Farming .One more better option is backyard poultry with very less investment and better profit. Layer Farming require huge land and it also require own feed mill.

But Broiler Farming require less area and without own feed mill, you can start it.

Manpower Availability– Layer farming require more manpower than Broiler Farming.

Conclusion- If you are having more land and more Investment than you can go for both Laying and broiler farming.

For Less Investment broiler or Backyard is better. In Broiler farming you can go with contract farming also then it’s also better.

In Contract Farming, Company provide you chicks, Poultry feed, medicine and more technical help.

The most important is management, if there is mismanagement at any type of poultry farming or any disease outbreak, both type of poultry farming can cause lose.

If you can manage your own Feed mill and good management then both farming are better. On behalf of my personal experience i will rate Layer Poultry Farming is better than Broiler Poultry farming.

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