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Precautions while Poultry farm constriction.

As poultry farm design depends on the individual requirements and capacity. So every farm map is different from another farm. But there are many basic precautions in every poultry farm’s map. But design should be of such type, you can increase the capacity of poultry farms anytime without any issues. Otherwise it can cause huge loss.


1-Foot Bath.

Foot bath at the entrance of the main gate is very important.

Vehicle Sanitation
Vehicle Sanitation on Entrance.

This place is a little down from the normal level in which you can fill water with added disinfectants. By this disinfectant will decrease the viral and bacterial load caused by external entries. Try separate entry of vehicles and individuals.


Public meeting office or manager room should be near the main gate. Visitors may be related to poultry farm business and may transfer the poultry related infection to your poultry birds. By this practice you can control the viral or bacterial disease transfer to Your Poultry birds. You can’t control infection 100%, But at least you can decrease the chances of infection.


The Feed Storage Godown should have two doors or gate. One outside and one internal side.

Feed Godown
Poultry Feed Store

Benefit is Feed carrying vehicles don’t need to enter in Poultry Farm and feed can be supplied at your poultry farm through another internal door.

4-Boundary Related Precautions.

You should leave 30-50 feet of space at the boundary of your touching land with your neighbors land.

Poultry Farm Design

Because if your neighbors do any construction in touching land .Then poultry farms will have no value. Poultry farms need proper ventilation without any disturbance. Difference between one poultry shed to another poultry shed. This distance should be around 50 feet for better ventilation.

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5-Width or Length of Poultry Sheds.

Width of Poultry farm in Normal Poultry Shed should be around 30 Feet but there is no restriction on length. In environment control sheds, width can be increased.one square feet is enough for 1 Poultry Bird. You can calculate easily. Example width of poultry shed is 30 feet and 100 feet, you can rear around 30X 100 = 3000 birds in this poultry shed. But if you are constructing environmental control (E.C. sheds). You can increase the width of poultry up to around 40 feet or as per guidance of the company installing related equipment, it depends on power and design of E.C. sheds equipment.


6-Labor Quarters for Poultry.

If you are planning to extend poultry farms in future, in that case you should leave space for the Labor. Quarters or rooms with bathroom and toilet facility. These quarters can be constructed near the boundary of the poultry farm. Always remember, these quarters or rooms must be ventilated and user friendly.


Water Tank for Poultry Farm-

In any emergency there must be a full backup of extra water. Even a small single Broiler poultry’s bird can drink 300 ml+ water in a day. In summer season, it can be higher. So you can calculate accordingly. Use of water for another purpose should not be linked with main water supply. Water tank must be covered carefully and the design of water tank for poultry farms such as one or two people can enter into tank for cleaning easily.

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