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Vaccination Management Tips For Poultry.

As Parent stock breeders are vaccinated for many diseases to effectively pass on maternal antibodies to broiler chicks. So Each and every vaccination is not required. But many vaccinations are required as per area depending on past story of disease of viral disease.

But it’s never recommended to skip many Vaccine by thinking, any viral disease didn’t effect this area for years. SO never ignore any important disease.

Because antibodies protect the chicks/Birds. Remember antibodies protect the broilers throughout the entire grow-out period.

Vaccination Tips-

Open the final cap of live vaccine’s container under cold water. Rinse each vial of vaccine completely.

Ensure Vaccine is mixed properly.

Ensure sufficient water you have taken for Vaccination.

Always use dye (easily available in market),It helps to cross check Success percentage of Vaccine.

Ensure Cool & ice mix water you are taking, while making solution for it.

Flocks should ingest vaccine within 1-2 hours of administration if using such type of Vaccine.

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Always Transport Vaccine in Eyes Box or in Container, which Keep Vaccine Cold as required Temperature as per Guidance of Manufacturer.

Always use Extra Ice during transportation , Sometime in transportation ,traffic Jam & other unknown issue can cause vaccine failure.

Always use sufficient ice during Vaccination. Exposure to atmospheric temperature will result in rapid loss of potency.

Some ice factories use light water sanitizer like chlorine to keep ice bacteria free, that ice can reduce the potency of Vaccine. So always prefer homemade Ice.

Always Take care of accurate dose. Big difference in dose can cause huge stress & not permissible.

Protect the vaccines after mixing by holding them in an ice bath. Some vaccines have a very short life once mixed,  So never Ignore such factors.

Always Train your Staff to handle Vaccine. So that in your absence vaccine can be done, without failure.

Ensure that the vaccine is stored at the manufacturer’s recommended temperature.


Vaccinate early in the morning to reduce stress, especially in times of warm weather.

Avoid using water rich in metallic ions (e.g. iron and copper).

Bring in outside water of better quality if these conditions are known to exist at your Poultry Farm’s Water.

Water pH should be 5.5-7.5. High pH water can taste bitter to the birds and so reduce water and vaccine intake.

Ensure rapid uptake of vaccine by depriving the birds of water a maximum of 1 hour before administration of vaccine begins.

Never take Risk of Vaccine in Dark,If Light backup fails,vaccine failure can happen.There are many example of such blunders.

Prepare vaccine and stabilizer mixture a clean containers free of any chemicals, disinfectants, cleaners or organic materials.

(Fat Free Milk Can be used as a stabilizer agent)


Use of a vaccine manufacturer’s approved dye or coloured stabilizer may help in determining when water lines are primed and how many birds have consumed vaccine.

Turn off chlorinator 2-3 days before administering the vaccine.

Clean water filters 2-3 days before vaccination commences to remove any detergent residues.

Clean filters using plain water. Turn ultra-violet light off, if used, as this may inactivate the vaccine.

Never Vaccinate To Sick Birds.

Always Follow Vaccine schedule.But in critical cases it can be delayed as per Vaccine’s manufacturer recommendation.

  • Always clean and sterilize the vaccinating equipment thoroughly after use.

Always destroy unused mixed vaccines after the vaccination get completed. Some vaccines have the potential to cause harm if not destroyed properly.

How much water is required for Live Vaccination.

Calculate the needed amount of water by using around 20 % of the previous day’s total consumed water.

You can use the following calculation also:-

Number of birds in thousands multiplied by their age in days multiplied by two.( in ml)

For 1000 birds,Age of 6 day.

1000 X 6=6000 X 2= 12000 ml= 12 ltr water is required doubt clear

This equals the amount of water needed to vaccinate over a 2-hour period.

Mix 2.5-3 gram  (2-3 teaspoons) of powdered skimmed milk per litre of water. Alternatively,

Other commercial stabilizers are also available. That can be used as per manufacturer’s recommendations.

Prepare skimmed milk solution 20 minutes before administering the vaccine .The main reason behind it, skimmed milk powder has neutralized any chlorine present in the water.

It’s better to Record vaccine, serial number and expiration date on a dairy or flock record.

It has no link to improve vaccine performance, But it’s Like Black Box in a, Plane which never be used in 99.9% cases, but in case of .1% it is used to cross check ,if anything happens wrong.

Raise drinker lines. Pour the prepared vaccine, stabilizer and colour solution into the header tank or storage tank.

Lower drinker lines / use small drinkers or as per your availability. And allow birds to consume vaccine.

Walk through all the birds gently to encourage drinking and uniformity of application.

Note the vaccine consumption time & also note in record.

Precaution- Clean each drinker, emptying all of its water. But Do not use a disinfectant to clean the drinkers. Carefully fill each drinker in a proper ratio.

Example- you have 20 Drinkers & 20 Ltr of Vaccine solution. So 1 Ltr in proportion to be delivered.

Ensure not to over fill the drinker, you can repeat it after few minutes if required.

Before starting vaccination wash hand with soap than again wash with normal water again.

Make the syringe (If Using) and related equipment Germ Free. Note- Never Forgot to wash again with Normal Water.

First Thing is Basic Distilled Water. Never use chlorinated water or water having disinfectant’s content. Use powdered skimmed milk or chlorine neutralizing tablets to de chlorinate.

(Distilled water is best water than Simple Water.)

Mix the vaccine with water in a cool place. (Always Avoid Direct Sunlight.) Minimize vaccine reactions by reducing exposure time after preparation.

Always keep some Extra ice around the pot in which you mix the vaccine.

Give it to the birds as soon as possible without any delay.

Pending Vaccine remain in the drinkers or pot, then put it under soil (Never throw it in open.) wash the drinkers and provide fresh water

Always check the date expired vaccine.

Give Multivitamin and minerals to Poultry Birds for 2-3 days before or after vaccination to minimize the stress.

Note- Stop Giving Multivitamins /Antibiotics/Acidifiers/Chlorine Water/Other Disinfectants before 1-2 day before vaccination.

17-In case of any ongoing antibiotic flock treatment, withdraw the treatment two days prior to vaccination and don’t give any antibiotic two days after vaccination.

For vaccines administered through drinking water, the drinking time should be at most two hours with regular ice mixing in drinkers.

Always cross check dose, when doing the injectable vaccine to ensure the right dose of injection.

Each vaccine is designed for a specific route of administration. Use only the recommended route.

After 2 hour of vaccination start monitoring

. Select 100 birds per house and check how many have dyed tongues & beak. Check for staining from 25 birds per house division. If 24 birds are well dyed, than it is considered Good Success.

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