Egg storage Tips.
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Important Tips of Cold Storage of Eggs

     Many Poultry Farmers are Storing Egg, when prices are Low and they are earning huge profit by storing egg only for one or few Months.

Nature has given the egg a natural packing through the shell. But it is a very fragile product and must be handled with care not only in terms of handling but also in terms of Cold storage otherwise serious losses can result.

Temperature and Humidity:-

If eggs are to be stored for 3 months you need 10 degree Celsius.

But storing for 5 months you should store at 3 degree Celsius.

At cold storage temperatures of about 10° C the relative humidity should be between 75 and 80 percent.


Periodic testing for quality. The blunder mistake while storing Eggs, once a huge stock of egg has been placed in the Cold Store, They Forget it. Never Do it. It might be a big loss. So after every 10 days you must visit the cold store facility and collect random samples of eggs that must be selected from the various lots and tested by you by breaking and testing by eating them after boiling and by other methods. It will allow you to self-test eggs and if you feel any trouble, you may sell eggs immediately or can control the situation immediately.

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Eggs can be stored along with potatoes in the same compartment but cannot be stored with melon or apples as they impart flavor to eggs and get spoiled.

Only an egg tray weighing 1500 to 1600 gm is most suitable for storage. Hens given mustard or fish or DDGS have lower shelf life in storage.

If the Cold Store is Far Away from Your area then the temperature of Storage.

Transport over 2 or 3 days   Transport over 5 or 6 days

Maximum on loading +6° C +3° C

More:-Eggs having pimples like spot on shell spoil earlier. Only tricky businessmen can earn but the majority remain at par or sometimes looser. –

Eggs from the fogger installed are not worth storage and get spoiled.

(If eggs are spoiled you can try a rise cover to rub eggs. It will clean it gently and no need wash with water)

Larger eggs have a shorter life than smaller eggs.

Fortnightly candling or after 10 days storage is necessary to check air sac space area, quality of albumin etc.

Eggs stored in the lower compartment face low temp and have better shelf life as hot gases tend to move on the upper compartment. Eggs stored one day old perform better than fresh eggs.

If a cold store has an insulated sheet of asbestos, eggs life increases compared to lantern. It is a myth that stored eggs should be consumed shortly. But if stored eggs are brought to a room temp. So that condensation evaporates, the life of eggs is increased.

Preparation for the cold store. The Egg storage area must have a concrete floor that is washable. Walls and ceilings must also be washable. A gap from other storage of vegetables and fruits must not impart foreign odours or flavours to the eggs. The room should be scrubbed thoroughly with hot water and soap or an odourless detergent sanitizer before being used.

A simple application of freshly slaked lime to walls will also help. The storage room should be aired and dried out thoroughly after cleaning, then the refrigeration turned on.

First maintain the temperature and humidity before placing the egg to Col Store either it takes 1 day or many days.

Eggs also need to breathe, so oxygen is must either in Packing and as well as in Cold Store. The material used must be clean and odourless so as to prevent possible contamination. Storage facilities.

But Remember while Storing eggs in cold store you must be careful about:-

Transportation of Eggs for Storage.

Estimate Distance to Cold store (if it’s your own facility, its best)

Temperature while transporting Eggs. (If you are transporting eggs in summer and the distance is long, you must transport them as quickly as possible.

Always Transport Fresh Eggs. (Day 1-3 is considered best)

More Details for Indian Farmers:-

March, April, Sabarimala festival of south, Navratri and Sawan months are lean periods when eggs are stored tricky. Businessmen may earn Rupee. 1 per egg as profit in a period of 15 days to 3 months. It costs 10 Paisa per egg per month as storage and transportation charges. All egg traders play gambles in storage and generally fetch profits which is quite handsome.

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