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Investment Required For Poultry Farming in India ?

This is not such a type of question, which can’t be answered in a few words.

First You must understand there many types of Poultry farming. Mainly Poultry farmings are of below types and investment increases according to capacity

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broilers and Layers.

2-Commercial Broiler Farming For Chicken.

3-Commercial Layer Farming For Egg in Cages.

4-Layer Farming in Free Range/Deep Litter.

5-Backyard Poultry.

6- Other birds Like Turkey, Emu etc.

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grand parent birds’ farming.

1-Parent Birds Farming for Commercial Broilers and Layer- There are less than 1 % of poultry farmers doing this business. As a parent’s bird farming requires high investment and running this type of business with investment of million to billions.

You can’t expect to do this business with less capital .Minimum capital required is multi million in every case, either you start with a small capacity.

Cost of Parent Birds may exceed for Rs. 1000 Per bird till Egg laying and Additional long term investment of poultry shed Construction may exceed Rs. 1000 per bird for semi automatic Poultry farm.


Remember land cost is extra and Poultry farm investment is long term investment.

2-Profit in Commercial Broiler Farming for Chicken-

Video Link-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbp_D4MdNvc

Two possibilities are here one in Self Broiler Farming either on small scale semi-automatic and either on large scale in automatic or Semiautomatic. Second in Contract farming of Broilers.

Investment in  Contract Broiler Poultry  farming.

Around Rs. 280-300 /Bird is investment for poultry farm construction.

And investment on Broiler chicks and feed keep changing. Chicken cost depends on demand and supply and can vary from Rs. 5 to 50 as per demand and feed cost is around Rs. 30/ Kg. Feed consumption also varies on the bird’s body weight. For 2 kg broiler birds you have to provide around 3 kg feed , depending on its formulation.

280+ 20( Example) +90( Estimate Feed Cost )


Remember land cost is extra and Poultry farm investment is long term investment.

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3-Investment in Commercial Layer Farming For Egg in Cages-

This type of Poultry farming main target is to get eggs, but when birds are out of production they are sold in market for chicken, but less popular for chicken purpose. I found this business less risky and a regular source of income. But initial cost to start this Layer farming is around Rs. 50-lac for 10,000 birds (land cost extra). For additional 10,000 birds of Layer farming around Rs. 30 lac is required. It may change depending upon automation. Per bird cost is around Rs. 800 per birds.

4-Commercial Layer Farming in Free Range/Deep Litter-

It can cost up to Rs. 400 per bird for normal cage system without environment control.

If you wish to add your own poultry feed mill and automatic feeding system it can cost up to Rs. 500 per bird.

( Its called semi automatic system )


For environment control shed it can cost around Rs. 650 per birds.

Now frequently asked question is how much space required for Layer poultry farm .

you can rear 1 lac birds in 1 acre land in environment control shed with battery cages.



Detail Video Link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-BqoLZU67M

Important expenses are below

S. No Particulars Requirements and rate Amount (Rs).
1. Land Owned  Depend on Location
2. Addition Cost.    
a. Brooder/Grower House 6000Sft @ Rs.55/persft 3,30,000
b. Layer House    
  i)Cost of the house 8500sft.@ Rs60/-


  ii)Cost of the Cages Rs.46/Bird 4,60,000
A. Sub Total   13,00,000
3. Equipement    
i). Brooder Hower

(150 Birds)

70Nos @ Rs 500 each 35000
ii). Chick Guards 700 Piece @ Rs.15


iii). Feeders for Chicks 300Nos @Rs 32 each 9600
iv). Waterers for Chicks 300 Nos @ Rs 25 each 7500
v). Grower Feeders 300 Nos @ Rs 64Each 19200
vi). Grower Waterers 300 Nos @ Rs 42 each 12600
v). Water through type 300 Nos @ Rs 80 each 24000
vi). Debeaker 1 No. @ Rs 2000 2000
vii). Vaccinator 1 No. @ Rs 3000 3000
viii). Blow flame 1 No. @ Rs 5000 5000
ix). Water pressure cleaner 1 No. @ Rs 5000 5000
x). Wheal barrows 1 No. @ Rs 1000 1000

All Cost can increase up to 500-650 Rupees per birds.

Its a long term investment.

How much it cost Till Egg laying.

Its around Rs. 250. Price can be increase if Mortality Rate is high.

Total it can cost up to 800 per birds.

Layer Poultry Farm cost is long term investment and Layer birds lays eff for 1 year and after moulting  you can increase its egg laying life cycle.


Remember land cost is extra and Poultry farm investment is long term investment.

5-Backyard Poultry – Van Raja, Kadaknath, Gram Priya, Kroiler and can be done in this type of poultry business. This can be started with 10 birds and can be increased as per resources available.

The aseel is also reared in backyard poultry. But original chicks are not available easily. The transportation and getting chicks is sometimes not easy, and if you get it may be possible, you will not get the required quantity. There are many other backyard poultry’s breed are also available.

This type of poultry farming also can be done for Both Chicken and Egg purposes with only an investment of Rs. 200-400 per bird.

6-Turkey & Emu-This type of poultry farming is not too popular.

7- Grand Parent Birds /Grandparent birds’s farming, Grand Parent/Grand Grand parent birds’ farming and more are less popular and require a huge setup and huge experience of research and investment and are considered profitable because of less competition.

It requires minimum millions of investment and requires  huge research  .Only few companies are doing this.

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