Cevaex Poultry's Products.

Cevaenz – Cocktail Enzyme Fortified with Phytase in Granular Form.

Composition per Kg  Phytase- 2000000 FTU Protease- 30000 HUT Cellulase- 10000AAU Alpha Amylase- 75000 AAU Amyloglucosidase- 5000 GAU Pectinase- 8000 AJDU Xylanase- 90000 EXU Lipase- 10000LU Beta-Mannanase- 500 BMU Benefits:  Improves FCR Reduces wet droppings, odors and improves litter quality (less microbial contamination) leading to cleaner eggs. Increases Daily Weight Gain in Broilers & number

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