Free Egg and Broiler Rates of India Market. Layer Farming.

How Much Profit in Layer Poultry Farm In India.

Profit of Layer Farming is different according to Age of Layer Birds.
If there is no severe outbreak of Viral or Bacterial disease. The below profit you can expect. If you are running Poultry farm in the area, where egg production is less and demand is high.
Profit is directly linked with Market Egg Price.
So you have to understand estimate costing of per egg and you can calculate profit accordingly.
Age wise cost of production of eggs ideally run in India including all overheads
20 wk to 45 wks
2.56 plus .75 paisa bank and other expenses == rs  3.31
45 to 60 week
3.69 net cost of prodn at 89 percent egg production.
60 to 80 week
Egg prodn 78 percent
Egg cost 2.78 rs plus .75 paisa per egg inclusive of all taxes.
So net cost of prodn is rs 3.53
80 to 100 weeks moulted
Egg prodn 68 pc feed intake 118 gms.
Egg cost rs 3.1 5+ .75=3.90
60 to 80 wks
Egg Production 78
Feed intake 118
Egg cost 2.78 + .75 == 3.53
45 to 60 wk
Feed intake 118
45 to 60wks
Feed intake 110
Production 89 pc
Net egg prodn cost
Rs 3.14 +.75 = 3.89
Age  20 wk to 45 wk
Egg pc 92 percent
Feed intake 110 gms
2.56 + 75
Rs 3.31 .
This cost of Production is from soya based feeds ideally balanced by adding rich amino acids and adequate energy and proteins
Looking at formulas we see old birds though give some profits but looking in to egg breakage and mortality , they become non economical
So average profit state wise in currant time is ranges between 30 paisa for Punjab and Haryana
40 paisa central and west up
40 paisa in Andhra Pradesh
50 paisa Bihar .
70 paisa West Bangal
70 to 75 paisa Maharashtra
35 paisa Rajsthan
45 paisa Chattisgargh.
Post Credit- Dr. S.K.Khanna
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