Cevaex Poultry's Products.

Ce-Boost- Multivitamin and Multi Mineral For Poultry

Composition: Each LTR-

Vit- A 2000000000 iu          20000KG

D3-  400000000 iu              2300-10 GRAM
Vit. E- 50 gram                   2500-KG
K3- 2.5  MG
B6-2 GRAM                       5500/KG
B2-4 G                               6000/KG
B1-3.5 G                            6500/KG
B12-10 MCG                      730/1 GRAM
BIOTIN-2 MCG                  70-1G
INOSITOL-25 MG              1000/KG
CUSO4-327 MG                 150/KG
ZNSO4-440 MG                 85/KG
FESO4-465 MG                 35/KG
MGSO4-800                       35/KG
SELENIUM-20 MCG          1800/100 G
LYSINE-2.5 GRAM             180/KG
DLM-                                   350
NICIANAMIDE- 1 G            700



Helps for fast growths and higher body weights.

Improves general health


Helps for better size eggs

Helps for increase of egg production.

Helps for persistency in egg production

Improves general health.


Helps for more hatchability and fertility

Helps for better egg productions, Improves general health.

Dosage: Liquid :
Poultry : 7days in each month.
Layers : Chicks, Growers : 10 ml. / 100birds.
Layers : 20 ml. per 100 birds
Broilers & Breeders: 20-30 ml./100 birds
Powder : Regular use : 500 gms. / ton of feed.
Treatment use : 1kg. / ton of feed 7-10 days
(or)as advised by a veterinarian

Liquid : 1ltr., 5ltrs., plastic containers
Powder : 1kg., pouch, 25kg. bag.

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