Cevaex Liquid
Cevaex Poultry's Products.

Calvaex- Calcium and Phosphorus Combination With D3, B12 and Vitamin C

Composition: Each 100 gms. Contains
Elemental calcium : 3500 mg.
Elemental phosphorus : 1000 mg.
Vitamin D3 : 20,000 IU
Vitamin C : 500 mg.
Vitamin B12 : 500 mcg.
Citric acid : 20000 mg.


Better utilization of calcium and phosphorus.

Prevents leg weakness, lameness, osteomalacia, perosis, egg breakages, breakages, thin shelled eggs, rough shelled eggs.

Increases growth, body weight and bone strength in broilers.

Increases egg size, egg quality and egg production in layers.

Increases hatchability in breeders.

Prevents cage layer fatigue, prolapse, pecking, cannibalism etc.


Legs weakness, lameness

Poor growths

Egg breakages, rough shelled eggs, thin shelled eggs.

Production drops

Poor feathering

Poor hatchability

Pecking and cannibalism

Cage layer fatigue

Prolapse etc.

Dosage: In drinking water: 7-10 days Chicks & broilers starters: 7-10 gms. / 100 birds
Growers, layers & broilers finishers: 20-25 gms / 100 birds
Breeders: 30-35 gms. / 100 birds
In feed: 250 gms / ton of feed continuously
During risk conditions: 500 gms. – 1kg. / Ton of feed (or) as advised by a veterinarian.

Presentation: 1lt., 5lt

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